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Get a copy of passport

There are many situations with the need for a copy of your passport. This is necessary to travel outside the country and obtain a visa, as well as various actions related to state institutions (we will not get deeply involved in the list of situations and tasks, since it is immensely large). To save time, let’s just look at a few ways to make a copy of your passport for such cases.

There are several basic situations where a copy may be needed:

Let us examine the last paragraph as an example. A man needs a bank loan. Once there, they ask him for accurate information confirming the prospects for issuing a loan, the reliability (security) of the applicant. We are talking about length of service, the name of companies, the fact of official employment as such and the level of wages. And then a decision is made whether to issue money or refuse. You can’t do without a passport, and you will need other documents and account statements.

Also, a copy of your passport is needed in social organizations. If a person claims to receive financial benefits, then they will surely be asked for documents. And the list goes on, other cases are not so massive, but also quite real.

If the current duplicate is issued before the person is dismissed or retired, then a copy of the passport becomes automatically invalid and must be reissued.

We will focus on such options. In general, it is quite simple and convenient; any person will not spend much time, effort or money.

There are two options to get a copy of passport. If a person has an official job, then you can safely choose the first option.

Most organizations have an established personnel department that will help with the production of copies at all stages. They are required to do this upon request without specifying the specifics of the request. This is necessary in case a person plans to change his job, and he is asked there for a copy of documents that prove his identity. Some countries provide the possibility of making a copy of the passport of the passport office.

You may ask yourself, what pages for a copy of my passport may be needed? Usually, the easiest way is to copy all pages with tags. In other words, all the important pages of the passport, because most organizations need precisely the pages of identification of the person. Having a signature is an important requirement in most cases. Therefore, if the passport is not signed (there are situations when this happens), then you need to get a new passport with your signature, and only then a certified copy of your passport will be possible to create.

Most often, copies in color are needed, black and white pages are requested less often. You can clarify these requirements, but you can make color copies everywhere and always and not waste time figuring out the details of the situation. Why are color images important for a copy of your passport? They provide a visual display of watermarks.

In general, a copy can be printed independently at work or at home with acceptable copying equipment. The main thing is that the copy does not have flaws, spaces or illegible places. It is best to focus on the capabilities of photo printers, and photo paper will be the most reliable solution for printing. Next, the document must be certified by a notary or in the same personnel department at the place of work (but, we repeat, they can make a copy themselves).

We move on and talk about certification to make a copy of your passport in more detail. Find out if the requesting organization has the required certification standard. In some cases, the applicant for the copy indicates the specific type of person who can certify it. They may also require specific information to be included in that person’s certification. In this case, the witness writes a phrase on the copy stating that the copy is genuine taking into account the original seen personally. Signature, date of issue. The person certifying your copy may also be required to provide their printed name, occupation and contact information. The notary also puts a personal stamp on the document. It is important that the copy has enough free space for such actions, and that the print does not cover or distort the image.

Notaries and lawyers are the main category of persons who certify copies will help to get a copy of passport in most cases. You can find a notary public in the courthouse, as well as in many banks. Notaries public charge a nominal fee for their services. A lawyer may charge more money for this action.

Interestingly, in some countries there is another category of persons who can certify copy of your passport. These are specialists who have professional status and recognition, have certification of their own work activities. What professions belong here? These may include bankers, accountants, religious ministers, teachers and doctors, among others. The action does not apply to specialists who are relatives of the person (or are in a personal relationship) who makes a copy.

Let’s go back to government agencies and their options for issuing certified copies. For example, Canada only allows immigration authorities to certify a copy of your passport. The agency will provide you with an application to fill out and may take money for the service. As a rule, a certified copy will be issued upon completion by the time it is ready. There are options with accelerated issuance of documents and increased fees.

Now we will deal with the algorithm of actions of how to make a copy of your passport for the latter case. First of all, it is necessary to prepare in writing a corresponding request for its receipt in the personnel department of the company. There you can paint the reason for the need for a document (its copies, or rather). In this case, regardless of the situation, the employer has no right to refuse a person. Even if the reason for issuing the copy seemed to him insufficiently convincing for this, a refusal is impossible, and this is illegal. That is, if the reasons for the need are not described in detail, then a copy of the document should still be provided without hesitation and questioning. For example, you can be silent in situations where a person plans to get a new job, and a potential employer asks for a copy from him. If something does not grow together at a new place of work and a person continues to work in a company with open information about this fact, natural inconveniences arise.

But the issue of the original before dismissal is possible only in the case of a detailed explanation of the situation. But in this case it does not matter, since here we are considering issues of how to get a copy of passport.

There is no exact term of relevance of the issued copy of your passport. It all depends on the place that requested it. That is, the average range for common cases is from two to four weeks or a whole calendar month. You can clarify the details of the issue in each case in the instance where the information is submitted.

And one more interesting question. How long does it take to get a copy of your passport? From the moment the employees submit a written request for its issuance, the employer has three full working days to prepare a duplicate of the document. If the document is not ready after this period, the employee has the right to apply to higher authorities to clarify and resolve the situation.

What does copy of your passport include? The employer must provide copies of absolutely all pages of the document on which any entered data is located. Each individual spread according to the standard should be transferred to a separate sheet of paper. A copy has legal force only during certification, therefore, each sheet with copied information must contain the mark “copy is correct” and the company’s seal. On the last sheet of information, in addition to the mark “copy is correct” and the company’s seal, the person in charge indicates his surname, name and patronymic, position, date of issue of papers and personal signature.


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